Think outside of the box!

What is innovative thinking anyway, and what’s so great about it? Thinking within a certain frame of reference is thinking inside the box. It is thinking within a restrained parameter. “Here are the facts, here’s the problem. Let’s look at solutions A, B and C and pick the best one.” In business this is very often the way things are done. It is based upon logic, rational thinking and proven methods.

This kind of thinking can get you from A to B, which is lineair and two dimensional, but using your imagination can get youanywhere and everywhere. This is third dimensional thinking where creativity comes into play!

As an artist and entrepreneur, I am grounded in the art of living through experiences instead of formula’s. Where typical businesses focus on solutions using analytical linear thinking, I add an extra dimension to the process by strengthening the intuitive faculty of the brain. This is extremely powerful and will put you on top of your game. Now you will be able to expand your business in unexpected ways.

Activating the right brain will open your mind up to life changing insights but will also help you to achieve fulfillment. Innovation is the result of intuition combined with the right action. Once you have mastered this your life will be effortless.

Start where you are in your business, don’t start a new business. You have come this far and you probably just need tweaking.

You will be provided with tools to do this well. No previous experience required.

This will open up a load of different business opportunities

As a result you will

  • increase self-confidence
  • create a clear direction
  • realize that imagination is the most precious skill any human can possess.

Clients seek Jacobina’s counsel for a variety of reasons. Some are seasoned executives facing challenges in the boardroom or confrontations with their senior management team. Or they may be looking at how they can achieve a strategic shift within their business and want to achieve buy-in from employees to investors. Others are expanding their own business through all generations and want to deepen their leadership skills and their ability to motivate others. Click here to work with Jacobina for the duration of six weeks.

Jacobina Trump, business coach, will give a presentation on Gateway to Innovative Thinking at the Arts Alliance Building, 1226 N. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota from 10.00am- 12.00pm. There is no admission charge, but attendees should sign up in advance to assure adequate seating.