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Why speaking about the Gateway to Innovative Thinking is perfect for your business.

I am a business coach speaking on a unique system that provides a gateway to innovative thinking for expanding your business so you can make more money. I believe that this topic can bring a balance to a large number of business people and change their way of thinking and the way they live their lives, forever. This allows for expanding financial goals. Check out the program here.

Summary: I will be speaking about how my unique system will provide you with a gateway to innovative thinking and expand your business so that you can improve your finances. I usually work with business people who are not accustomed to creative thinking. Click here for my next next speaking event. I have therefore developed a series of videos to help strengthen the intuitive faculty. Applying intuition and imagination to your business, combined with being able to make the right action steps is real innovation.

Background: I grew up in the Netherlands where speaking English was not then common. I obtained Master’s degree in Design and taught this subject before embarking on a series of adventures in the Western Hemisphere. I made two bold decisions in order to pursue my dream. The first was to leave behind all the things I loved in the Netherlands and become a U.S. citizen, the second was to leave my husband and become independent.

The story: At the time, I was working as an art director for BBDO Business Communications in Amsterdam. One cold and rainy October day, I found an airmail letter between the bills and saw that it had exotic stamps on it. It was an invitation to come and live in the Caribbean! It suddenly dawned on me that I had spent my whole life doing what others expected of me and it was now high time to listen to what my soul had been trying to tell me for years.

Travel distance: More than 100 miles.